Many people play games in their android smart phone. Sometimes because of hard levels they face much failure to complete the levels. It is so time taking and in the end, people leave playing games. Now you don’t need to leave any game because you can hack them and control them according to your wish. You need to root your device if you want to hack games. Root Explorer APK helps you to root your device.

Nowadays everything is possible because we are living in the era of solutions not problems. So you’ll take many benefits from such kind of time saving apps. I know you are excited to know more about root. So without wasting much time, let’s come to the point.

Root Explorer APK

Many people think that rooting in a tough job but that’s not impossible now because with this Root Explorer APK, you can root your android in few minutes. Just open the app and click the root now button. It’ll take max 5 minutes to root and your device will restart twice during the root process.

root explorer apk

So, after completing this process, you can check if your device is root or not with root checker app. If it says “congratulations your device is root”, than you can hack any game with any hacking app. Besides this, you can do a lot of other tasks as well. After root, you’ll realize an incredible increase in your smart phone speed. So, these are easy and simple steps for root.

Root Explorer Download

You’ll find a downloading link bellow. Just click on it and the latest version of root explorer APK will be download in your smart phone. Keep in mind that here you’ll always get the latest version because I won’t recommend you old ones as they contains less features than new version.

How to install Root Explorer?

After download, you need to find the APK file in your file manager. Then click on it and click the install option. After few seconds, the installation will be complete and you can use this app without having any trouble.


  • This app works in every android version
  • Developers regularly update this app
  • You’ll experience unique interface
  • The app colors are amazing
  • You can use it free of cost
  • Many amazing features are included in this app
  • Virus free app and strong privacy of your data


If I tell you in short about this app, then my review is positive. Your review will also be positive after using this next level app. It is not too late to use this app because now it has a lot of extra features in the latest version which can amaze you. So, use it and enjoy the gaming with a whole new way.